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API money transfers available at Genome

Genome API money transfers

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Send as much money as you need

With our Live Genome Payout API Service your payments will be frictionless even if a large amount of transactions are sent. It will be withdrawn from your business account, you can track all the transactions from the dashboard with real-time notifications.

Genome API

Benefit from multifunctional Genome API

Our API money transfers can be integrated with various accounting systems allowing clients to do direct financial activities without logging into the Genome account. It also enables mass payouts, meaning you can send funds to many other accounts at the same time. Plan your payments — schedule them directly in Genome and never miss a deadline.

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Pay your employees, contractors via batch transfers

It’s easy to send and schedule mass payments to your staff, business partners, suppliers, etc. using batch payments. You can find the detailed instructions and parameters of the payout request in Genome’s documentation — the "Payout via SEPA" section.

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Genome API money transfer

What is an API money transfer

With API money transfer you can send money to another account using an application programming interface. As an electronic money institution, Genome has developed multiple APIs for our customers’ needs. This includes our payout API.

API money transfers in Genome

What you need to send API money transfers in Genome

The payments are carried out using SEPA services. It means you are required to know the beneficiary’s main payment details: their full name and an IBAN. Find all the fees for the transfers on Genome’s pricing page.

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Feel free to reach out to get payout API services

If you are interested in API money transfers, you first need to open a business account within Genome. Once you have done that, our support will guide you through setting up the process for a merchant account required for SEPA payout services. The onboarding for all our accounts is carried out online.

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Start a merchant account to access API money transfers

Open a merchant account to use the payout API. Genome merchant account will also allow you to accept payments on your website for your products and services and easily integrate a payment gateway with Genome with it. We offer companies tools for fraud prevention, as well as merchant reports to track your progress.

Genome merchant account

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How to open a merchant account in Genome

Register at Genome and pass business verification.

Genome verification

After approval, fill in the merchant registration form and indicate projected monthly volume.

Genome merchant registration

Finish the process by uploading proof of domain and bank statements or business plan.

Genome process

That’s it! After approval, your account in Genome is ready to accept payments!

Genome account

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