Batch transfers

Send multiple money transfers in Genome

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Batch transfers

Batch transfers

Send mass payments from your dedicated business IBAN

Automate the salary payouts to employees, pay the contractors and manufacturers, etc. Send mass payments using SEPA or Genome internal instant transfers and a single .CSV or .XML file. Download .CSV example, input the required transfer details and execute the batch transfer. No matter the amount of transactions or volumes, SCA is applied to provide maximum security and avoid possible errors. Schedule transfers if necessary.

Batch transfers

There are two ways to send mass payments via Genome

Via Genome

Get access to the batch payout system. Upload or create a payment .CSV or .XML file (examples included) to make the batch transfer.


Use the payout API from our documentation page. Choose the Payout via SEPA tab for more information.

Genome API

Integrate Genome API with your accounting system

Genome provides an API to integrate with accounting systems that you already use as a business. Keep your business operations updated and synced-up directly with Genome. All the security standards still apply.

Join Genome

Join Genome for safe batch transfers and more

Sending large batch payouts to multiple users is not the only feature you get. With Genome business account you get access to crucial financial services usually available offline  — currency exchange, multiple accounts for the same business entity, access management to the account, now completely online and protected by the highest SCA standards.

Genome business

How to apply for a business account

Sign up to Genome and choose a business wallet type.

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