Merchant services

Analyze and optimize your business with Genome analytics

Analyze and optimize your business with Genome analytics

Merchant services

All merchant-crucial metrics in one place

Oversee, track and optimize your business performance with Genome. Keep a 360-view on every payment aspect of your website, from transactions, to approve and chargeback ratio, geometrics and more tools with Genome merchant dashboard.

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What information is available in the merchant portal

Always be updated on the number of transactions made, the payout dates and volumes, current balance, approve ratio, etc. Set up and customized reports on your company’s performance and set custom Retry logics based on received info for better acceptance rates and overall results.

Information in the merchant portal

Merchant services

Check Genome’s merchant reports

Our team has developed essential reports to help merchants analyze their most crucial metrics in set periods of time. Check the five types of merchant reports below, all available 24/7 in Genome. The reports are customizable, with dozens of filters and rules available.

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The chargebacks report

This report will help to figure out what’s your current situation with chargebacks, as well as find common reasons they occur. It displays the main data on chargebacks: code, reason, ARN, date, type, transaction ID, merchant name, etc.

The chargeback ratio report

The report is used to figure out whether a merchant received too many chargebacks by relating their number to all successful transactions run. Analyze your risks to improve the situation if necessary.

The approve ratio report

The report calculates the percentage of approved / pending / declined / errored / filtered transactions processed. It also shows the percentage of transactions which failed because they were declined and/or an error occurred per response-code obtained.

The summary report

Learn all you need to know about the transaction flow using this report. It summarizes the main metrics and is generated for the payments that happened in a set period or transactions that a grouped by a specific metric.

The transactions report

You can find out all about the payments you accept from clients with this report. With data filters on cardholders, merchants, and banks, the information on transactions, and even the specifics about cards customers pay with.

Processing and balance statements

The statements allow analyzing how much you have earned during a certain settlement period, as well as tracking your monthly balance. Access your processing statement and balance statement any time you need.

Merchant services

Start a merchant account and track all the metrics

To access the analytics tools and reports in the merchant portal, you need to open a merchant account within Genome. The process is quick and takes place online.

Merchant services

How to open a merchant account in Genome

Register at Genome and pass business verification.

Genome verification

After approval, fill in the merchant registration form and indicate projected monthly volume.

Genome merchant registration

Finish the process by uploading proof of domain and bank statements or business plan.

Genome process

That’s it! After approval, your account in Genome is ready to accept payments!

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Merchant services

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Merchant services

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