Money transfers

Instant money transfers inside Genome

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Genome money transfers

Money transfers

We have perfected the internal money transfers. See for yourself

Transfer money from one Genome user to the other safely with one parameter, no need to enter all of the transfer info. All the incoming and outgoing internal transfers are instant for personal and business wallet users with no fees! It’s time to discover a better way to send and receive money using Genome.

Money transfers

What are Genome’s benefits when it comes to transferring money online?

Easy to track

Easy to track

Thanks to the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and other payment details, the transactions are transparent and are tracked efficiently with real-time notifications.



The payment message is coded to significantly reduce the possibility of human error based on language barriers. Also each transfer is protected by built-in security tools and regulated by the National Bank of Lithuania.



The network’s payment messages are deciphered easily so the transfer processing is smooth and fast. And since Genome is operating online that makes it accessible worldwide.

Money transfers

How to make an instant transfer in Genome

Sign up to Genome, pass the identity verification and KYC/KYB procedure, depending on the account type you are starting.

Sign up to Genome

Choose the account you want to transfer money from (use the dropdown list in the web version or Genome mobile app, available in App Store and Google Play).

Choose the account

Fill in one of the info details: email, phone, IBAN, or an account ID of a recipient person/company with a Genome account. Then enter the money amount and a payment description.

Fill in one of the info details

And that’s it — the money is instantly delivered to the receiving Genome user!

money is instantly delivered to the receiving Genome user
transferring options

Looking for more transferring options?

Genome also offers SEPA and SWIFT international transfers that are available for personal and business account owners after verification. Find the payment option that suits your needs, no matter how small, big or repetitive the transaction is.

Money transfers

Send and receive money with SWIFT

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) messaging network exchanges payment orders between bank accounts and is now used by people from over 200 countries and territories. With Genome, transferring money abroad is secure and fast.

SWIFT money transfers

SWIFT money transfers for personal and business accounts

Experience the benefits and velocity of international SWIFT payments after Genome’s account opening. With a prompt approval process and onboarding completely online, your account in Genome is ready for money transfers and more!

SEPA transfers

Try Genome SEPA money transfer services

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a network that allows cross-border payments among the European countries and is a great alternative to SWIFT transfers for Genome users.

Money transfers

SEPA services are available for Genome’s personal and business account users

Whether you use a personal wallet or a business one — SEPA transfers are always there for you! Instruct them quickly from your dashboard.

It is a process of sending money to a person or a company that is located abroad. It is available for both personal and business account users in Genome.

There are many ways you can do it. People that don’t have bank accounts send physical currency via international wire transfer companies that have physical branches in different countries. As for bank transfers, the most common ways to send money abroad are to use SWIFT transfers, which are available for 200 territories. Another method is SEPA transfers, which are used within the eurozone by 36 countries. Both SWIFT and SEPA transfers are available via Genome.

SWIFT transfers take 1 to 3 business days, and SEPA payments — 1 to 2 business days. Also consider that the transfer time depends on time zones, currency exchange, weekends, and holidays.

Each bank has limits on how much money you can transfer per day. The transfer amount is lower for personal users and higher for companies. The higher level of your business is, the more you can send and receive. You can find the information about transfer limits on our account levels and limits pages or from Genome's dashboard in the Limits section.

In 2017 the SWIFT released Customer Security Controls Framework — a multilayer security system with strict requirements for banks, as well as revealed the Global Payments Innovation which allows absolute transparency of operations. Thanks to this, each payment participant can track the execution of transactions in real-time. SEPA is a European analog in its principles and level of security.