Personal Accounts

Easy way to open a current account online

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Personal Accounts

Get a current account for everyday needs

Be in charge of your money 24/7 with Genome. Discover our easy-to-use, online current account for your personal funds. Onboard via the web browser no need to visit any bank branches. Open a dedicated EUR IBAN from the comfort and safety of your home.

Genome personal account

Apply for a current account right now, for free

Opening a current account online has never been this simple. We made sure your experience with onboarding is as smooth as possible. The personal account opening is free as well!

Personal Accounts

How to open a current account in Genome?

Sign up to Genome using an email or your phone number. After that, choose a personal wallet to proceed.

Genome sign up

Personal Accounts

Genome's current account also includes

Genome money transfers

Money transfers

Our IBAN current accounts are rather handy for SEPA and SWIFT international transfers. Send money instantly to other Genome users using internal transfers. Save and schedule transfers in advance.

Genome currency exchange

Currency exchange

It takes seconds to exchange currencies within Genome with a beneficial 1% flat fee over the interbank rate. Use our on-site calculator to know exactly how much money to exchange.

Genome multi-currency accounts

Multi-currency accounts

Open more different current accounts, for storing money in three different currencies: EUR, GBP, USD. Set up the additional accounts easily and for free — from the dashboard.

Genome secure payments

Secure payments

Genome is licensed and regulated by the National Bank of Lithuania. That means your personal funds will not disappear tomorrow without a trace. Starting from ID verification to every transaction we protect your money.

Genome account opening

Business and merchant account opening

Do you need corporate financial services as well? Look no further — apply for merchant and business current accounts within Genome online. Pass the quick onboarding and enjoy even more features for companies.

Genome cards

Visa Debit cards available

Genome offers personal debit Visa cards for payments on the go, and virtual cards for online shopping. Order custom cards with no printed info on them for extra security.

Genome accounts

Open as many current accounts as you need

One current account is not always enough. With Genome you can have multiple accounts in each of the respective currencies: EUR, GBP, and USD. So, if you operate your Genome current accounts in the EU, for example, you can store money in Euros for your convenience, or can create a separate account to save up funds for a certain goal.

Genome card order

Order cards for your current account in Genome

Complete your exceptional experience with Genome's current accounts by ordering our card. We offer physical debit Visa cards, as well as virtual cards both convenient in their own way! See for yourself.

Personal Accounts

Benefit from a debit card for current account

Genome using cards anywhere

Use the card anywhere

Dont worry about going abroad with Genome's Visa debit card — you can use it in different countries without the risk of getting blocked.

You can manage the card on the go

Easy management via the app

You can manage the card on the go — just use Genome's app. Access your card features, settings, push notifications, and more whenever you need to.

Genome get cash

Get cash when necessary

Some places only accept cash? Not a problem — withdraw cash easily in any ATM in the world that supports Visa cards.

Personal Accounts

Order and start using Genome virtual card

Discover new level of possibilities for safe contactless payments with instant online access with virtual Visa cards.

Genome additional features

Set up additional features

Take full control of your virtual card: pick the spending limits, receive instant transaction notifications, analyze your operations with summaries.

Genome virtual card

No plastic - no problem!

Want to go fully digital? Get a virtual card with a short and quick application process. Buy things online easily and securely!